Your child has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. 

Now what?

The doctors have shared plenty of medical information with you. You learned how to handle low blood sugars, count carbohydrates, and give insulin. But, you're wondering what the next several years will look like: Will they play sports? What do they do when they go to college? Can they travel?

That's why I wrote The Type 1 Life. Get practical advice and insight from someone who has been through all of this and more. 

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This book was by far the absolute best. Jessica teaches through her personal experiences and it felt like she was walking us through step by step. This book brought comfort to me and my wife and in the past couple weeks we have referenced it many times. It currently sits at our little station with our log books. This book is an absolute must have for any parent or even family member that will be assisting with a type 1 child. Jessica thank you, this book has truly changed our life and how we are handling these new changes.
— Derrick, parent
This book is a must read for parents of children that have been newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and for anyone with or without diabetes. Stories of what “real life” diabetes is like are what these parents need. This book covers that and more. I would love to have copies of this book in the office for all of my diabetes patients and their parents to read.
— Jeni Neighbors BSN, RN, CDE
Throughout this book for parents, Jessica provides insight into the potential struggles of growing up with diabetes and strategies to improve the lives of others starting this journey. One of the most compelling insights is when she notes, “One of the most important reasons for nurturing independence in your child is because they need to own this diagnosis. Diabetes does not own them. It does not define them. This is hard to teach your child, because Type 1 diabetes is a 24 hours a day, all-consuming condition.” As an independent business woman and wife, Jessica is living proof that having Type 1 diabetes does not alter one’s ability to succeed in life.
— Belinda Childs, APRN, BC-ADM, CDE