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About the Author, Jessica Freeman

I'm Jessica, a Type 1 diabetes advocate, who has been living with Type 1 since the age of three. Growing up with Type 1 diabetes in a rural area, my parents lacked a community of other parents that also had children with diabetes. There was a lot of trial and error: What do we do about sleepovers? Field trips? College? 

Over the last 27 years, I've had many relatives, friends, and children of friends diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. With each diagnosis, I had so much advice and insight to share – which is why I wrote The Type 1 Life. Living with Type 1 diabetes is not a death sentence, and does not limit the life your child can live. Over the last 27 years, I've traveled abroad, hiked the outer rim of the Grand Canyon, and even run two half-marathons.

I'm also the owner of Jess Creatives, an award-winning graphic and web design company. Currently, I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband, Aaron, and our cocker spaniel, Morgan Freeman.  

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